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All asks, (If I get any that is) will be answered later today! I’ll be back tonight!<3

2NE1 through the eras requested by anonymous


UGH, okay it’s out of my system. … I think?… ;_;

1994! It’ll wreck you. In an emotional way. (But still not as much as it’s wrecking Levi. abloo bloo bloooo)


일단 완성했으니 텀블러에도 올려야지 _(:3ㄱㄴ)_


일단 완성했으니 텀블러에도 올려야지 _(:3ㄱㄴ)_



I want to see and understand the world outside. I don’t want to die inside these walls without knowing what’s out there!




Impulse - $6.99

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The names suit all the colours so fucking well

Are you going to kill me, Levi?
Yeah, the reason why I joined the Survey Corps is…
Erwin, so that I can kill you.

Word to translate: onamonapia (don’t ask why and yes it is a real word)

Side note: I love how you and Winterlass have similar background and the same layout, I find it absolutely adorable!

I think that onamonapia is just onamonapia here in Finland. At least I couldn’t find a word that would replace it. It fits into Finnish language and mouth perfectly so I think there is not any other word for it. someone can correct me if someone knows better!

Aaaaaawwww thank you so much bby<333

Are you dating gehe?

No I am not. Gehe is my bae and Husbando and I surely do have a crush on him and he’s really dear to me but there is many reasons why we’re not dating. I’ve made it pretty clear that I’m dating winterlass already but I guess people just don’t see those posts or then don’t care to read them carefully. Winterlass is totally okay with me gaying around with Gehena and we all (with this I mean me, waifu and Gehe) kinda feed the flame for Gekaaa! We’re totally okay with the fact that we’re being shipped hahahah<3 The ship sails itself really~

wait who are you dating?

This fine-ass lady right here <3

2, 8, and 44

2.When did your last hug take place?

8.Do you cry easily?
It depends on the situation I’m in, really.

44.Have you ever had your heart broken?
No but unfortunately I have broken at least one heart and I am so sorry for that. It still graves me. I’ve now learned my lesson